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Q10079 - HOWTO: How to file a P35 with Revenue On-Line (ROS)

How to file a P35 with Revenue On-Line (ROS)

CollSoft Payroll can be used to produce P35’s for submission via the Revenue Online Service.

Under the ROS drop down menu there is also a Prepare P35 File sub menu. This contains options to create a ROS P35 Standard File, a ROS P35 merged File, to view the contents of a P35 File, or to create a Supplementary P35 File, both standard and merged.

You can create a ROS P35 File (standard or merged) or a Supplementary P35 File (standard or merged) and save it to your hard drive at a location you specify. You will then be given the option to view a report of the contents of the file.

You can then upload the P35 file to ROS by going to the ROS website www.revenue.ie and logging into your ROS account. You must be registered with ROS in order to upload files. You can register at this web site also.
You can also view a previously created P35 file of any type if you need to verify its contents, by selecting the “View contents of ROS P35 File” option, under the Prepare P35 File sub menu.       

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