Award Winning Features

Unlimited, no really...

All editions of our software allow you to run payroll for an unlimited number of employees.

The Small Business Edition allows you unlimited employees for up to 5 employers/businesses. The Bureau Edition allows you unlimited employees across ANY number of employers.

All editions of our software come with unlimited Telephone, Email and Ticket based support.

Now that is truly unlimited.


Weekly, monthly, fortnightly, four-weekly payroll

Configure payroll schedules on a per employee basis, our software easily adapts to your specific needs.

If you're feeling lazy - we give you the most sensible defaults we can, to try make your life that much easier.

Automated Calculations and Easy Customizations and Corrections

Easy setup, easy input. Configure once and you're sorted.

Quickly advance multiple payroll periods, import timesheets & edit your payroll in batches.

Easy payroll amendment feature allows corrections by individual employees historically.


Fully Revenue Compliant

Our software is 100% ROS compliant.

We also make it easy and straightforward to file your payroll returns with Revenue, thanks to our tight integration with their PAYE systems.

Other features include P35, P30, P45, P2C imports, automatic fetching of payroll notifications (RPNs) from revenue to update each individuals tax credits & PSRI values, etc.

Email your Payslips

We allow you use of the secure CollSoft Payslip server to securely email your payslips to employees, completely free of charge.

We also enable you to easily customize this, to use your own email server as well.


Audit Trails

Our software features an Audit Trail that records changes to critical employee based information.

These recordings are taken at key moments within the payroll process.

So you can always find out who changed what, and when.

Comprehensive Reports & Exports

  • Easily amend reports to condense your data.
  • Includes a Report writer to tailor your own reports to meet your specific needs.
  • Save your report templates for future use.
  • Easy export your reports to PDF and other popular file formats.
  • Simple SEPA Bank payment file output for easy payment runs.
  • Export payroll journals to QuickBooks, Sage Line 50, Twinfield, Xero Online Accounts.